Other Uses of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has been known to provide an excellent insulation in a home however did you know that you can also use it elsewhere? To get what I mean, here are some of the things you can use it for.

1. Sound proofing element

The sound between the pipes in your plumbing system can often be overwhelming. You may be bombarded with these noises in night time and it won’t sound pretty. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people who live nearby busy streets or in the city.

2. Art

Spray foam insulation is pretty to look at. If you want to explore your artistic side, you can start from a waterfall or stream. The spray foam is a good option in providing the right angle or curve for your water to flow perfectly. Moreover, given that spray foam is resistant to water, you won’t also be problematic with any leakage issues.

3. Fix your unfixed shower head

A shower head that is not put in place perfectly may provide annoyance as well as issues with pests entering through the hollow part. You can use spray foam insulation as a trick to keep the shower head in place while ensuring that the gap is sealed. This will prevent any infestation in the future.

4. Gaps in your walls

Do you have gaps or cracks in your walls? Have you tried everything and the gaps still resurfaces because what you put in has not hold very well? If you did try putting in spray foam instead. Through the use of spray foam these gaps or cracks in your walls can be filled and will aid in avoiding any leaking from your walls in times of rain or snow.

5. Make a prop or costume

If you want to build a durable prop or costume for your kid’s party or presentation, spray foam can do wonders. You won’t even believe it if I say you can make almost anything with spray foam. You can easily do so by carving the form you are aiming for, afterwards, spray the foam and let it cure or dry up. Carve out the mold and get your very own 3D prop or costume.

6. Protection for fragile things

Sending fragile things can be challenging. It can involve a lot of ones and a lot of extra paper to keep everything secured no in place. You can easily transport fragile belongings through the use of spray foam. You can do so by utilizing a plastic bag and spraying foam inside it. After letting it dry, you can now use this as a barrier for the surface of the box you are putting the fragile belonging in.

Do you have any other ideas that will smartly utilize spray foam? Well, you can just use it in a classic manner! Use spray foam to provide your home with the best insulation! Contact spray foam Ottawa and get your spray foam insulation needs right at your doorstep. You can also get more details ad study them before investing through Capital Spray Foam Insulation or you can check their website